kissing friends EP

by birdwatchers

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Birdwatchers is the stage name of married couple Tim and Emily O'Neill. The songs on kissing friends were recorded in various bedrooms and basements around seattle in between sept 2009 and aug 2011.


released October 1, 2011


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birdwatchers Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: bright futures
i,i i i i still try to keep yer head above water/
you, yer lost in time/
you've got the rhymes, but the prose is wrong

there's just so much to be said/
fer all the bright futures ahead of us/
when all of these bottles are dry you will see. it was me.

i, iiiii i i still try to keep yer head above water/
there's changin' tides.
you'll have to struggle to make it alive.
Track Name: what you've been running from
if you sleep/
they wont sleep/
and if they get you, well,
they're comin for me/ cuz they know:
what makes it hard to breathe.
i can't stop thinking about how we
left it.
and i keep my mind closed to the past. its so fast.
and now yer movin movin movin movin movin movin
if you run/
they won't run/
and if you hide, well,
they won't ever come/ cuz they know:
what you been running from.
Track Name: nakedness, pt.1
you been out there on yr own.
you been singin way to slow.
so just lay back, there you go.
cause you were always the first to know,
the first to know that its coming home.
you stay grounded
despite the noise.
you get yr haircut, like the other boys.
the other boyz who left yoU behind.
you stayed quiet
you keep the rules/
and lets be (quite fucking) honest
its killing you.
because you don't know just what to do.
i said you dont know just what to do when summer is...

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